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"The most remarkable quality about the Paratore brothers was their matching poetic sensibilities..."
(New York Times) 

"The Paratores have the virtuosity, the clarity, the precision, the mutual listening sensitivy of the famous two-piano teams of the past; what is special about them is their exploration of the coloristic possibilities of two pianos; of the two-pianos teams this listener has heard, only Luboschutz and Nemenoff, long ago, made the medium sound this beautifull."

(Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe)

The Duo Paratore with Sir Peter Ustinov

"Ensemble playing of the highest order"  (London Times)
"The Italian-American piano duo, Anthony and Joseph Paratore, electrified the full house...
a rarity for Zurich, they received a standing ovation."
(Neue Zurich Zeitung )
"Duo pianists are rare breed, and even rarer are those as exciting as Anthony and Joseph Paratore."
(The Washington Post)

The Duo Paratore with Richard von Weizecker

"The festival concert of Anthony and Joseph Paratore could be compared to a musical shout of joy. It was a unity of virtuosity and feeling that looked like a miracle."
(Berliner Morgenpost)
"The Paratore brothers' performance suggested a magical wizardry and a perfect lightness that is without competition today."
(Die Presse, Vienna)
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