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Contemporary Music
It gives us a special joy to play music of living composers since one has the unique opportunity to work with the creator on details of interpretation. That of course is not the case with latter-day composers. We feel a responsibility as well to bring new music to the concert public, which we have done with composers such as Wolfgang Rihm, Manfred Trojahn, William Bolcom and others. Also a special satisfaction to us is realizing new pieces being added to the duo-piano literature for which we are responsible.

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As music students we were engaged in the study of music for the love of it. It quickly became an important part of our lives and later it became actually more of a calling than a profession. We remember as children getting paid for the first time and it seemd like we received a present or gift. Today we feel priviledged to make our living doing what we love to do. Our hobby is our profession!

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Model Duo Piano Teams
We have a great admiration for the fine duo-piano team of Alfons and Aloys Kontarksky who made an important contribution to moving contemporary music ahead and raised the standard of duo piano playing. One of our favorite duo-piano teams of the past is Luboshutz and Nemanoff. Their style of playing was unique in the way they handled ritardandi and rubati together. We were fortunate to know Genia Nemanoff personally and we enjoyed our visits with here in New York.

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